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TikTok video of GISD bus driver helping visually impaired student goes viral

August 19, 2021 
As Addy Williams maneuvered the school bus steps with her white cane, her bus driver was right behind her with an umbrella.
The poignant video of Ryan Cariveau helping Addy get home safely has more than 29,000 views on TikTok. Addy's mother loves to film her daughter's accomplishments, and when she shared her video on TikTok, she didn't realize how many people it would touch.
Click on the image above or this link to view the video:
"Riding the bus is my favorite part of the day," Addy said. "Mr. Ryan is awesome. We're always singing and telling each other jokes and laughing. I remember when it was raining and he asked me if I had an umbrella, and I was like, 'Nope!' And he just jumped up and helped me."
"We just love Mr. Ryan," Ambrea Strang, Addy Williams' mother said. "He has done so much for her. Before she even started school, he came over with the bus so she could walk through the bus and feel her way and practice getting off and on."
Bus driver "Mr. Ryan" described Addy as "just full of joy. The kids and I play music on the bus, and I'm learning about the latest pop hits. Whatever makes their day better, that's what I'm about."
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First photo: Addy on the bus with Chelsea Schumacher, her occupational mobility specialist from Region 10.
Second photo: Addy with her sister Amira
Third photo: Addy in front of Carver Elementary
KDFW FOX 4 News will air the video during its 5 p.m. newcast today.