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What if all GHS seniors applied for college? 

October 4, 2021 



One of the biggest hurdles in applying for college is navigating the daunting application process. But this year, Greenville High School is requiring every senior to participate in the process of submitting an application for college, and significant support measures are being put in place.

"The State of Texas is requiring all seniors to complete the FAFSA student application, so we are making a commitment to help them navigate it," GHS Lead Counselor Catherine Just said. "More importantly, our students are realizing the very real possibility of attending college after graduation."

The college application requirement complements the Forever A Lion partnership that GISD has with Texas A&M-Commerce. The partnership ensures admission to qualifying GISD students and the President's Promise, which provides free tuition for four years for most GISD students, depending on family income. There is no charge for students to apply to A&M-Commerce.

"Our seniors will work on their applications during their business English class so that they can receive assistance when necessary," Just said.

College and Student Employment Advisor Tina Pitt, along with the counselors, are hosting information nights to assist students in completing this requirement.  The students are also given time and assistance during their business English class if necessary. Additionally, the counselors are assisting the students on an individual basis when needed.

“We applaud Greenville High School for breaking down barriers and making higher education more accessible to students. This project will open doors for many bright young people who need a little extra support and encouragement as they navigate the college application process,” Texas A&M-Commerce President Mark Rudin said. “We value our partnership with Greenville ISD and look forward to supporting GHS graduates as they explore educational opportunities at A&M-Commerce.”

While not all GHS students are college-bound, all of them will benefit from experiencing the online application process, which will help them understand how to fill out other complicated online forms. GHS offers a great array of choices for students, including professional certifications in fields ranging from culinary arts to cosmetology. The important thing is that students know they have many promising options and that they have the full support of their counselors, teachers and others in GISD.