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The Lair Salon is open to the public!

November 2, 2021 
Cosmetology Students Waxing      Cosmetology Students Hair Drying

GHS cosmetology students putting their beauty and business skills to work Cosmetology Appointments

The Lair Salon is opening its doors to the public today! For just a fraction of the cost at professional salons, customers can get haircuts, manicures, pedicures, waxing, lashes and more beauty services provided by Greenville High School cosmetology students. 

Click here to see the salon's services and price list.

“Opening to the public is a great opportunity for us – and also our clients – because they get to actually see what we can do, and hopefully come back and tell everybody else about it so we can get more clientele,” said GHS junior Dynasty Nelson. “It will give us real experience with real clients and make us understand what it takes to run a business."

Dynasty dreams of opening her own salon with her mother one day. Her specialties are makeup and waxing. 

“Doing the makeup makes your client look better and makes them happy, and you’re doing what you love,” she said. 

Part of the art of waxing is distracting the client from the discomfort. 

“I like trying to interact while I’m waxing to keep their mind off it,” she said, adding with a laugh, “I don’t want it to be all pain without a little conversation!” 

Many of the students in the cosmetology program dream of owning their own business. Others, like junior Alexis Calabrese, plan to pay for college by working part-time. 

“I’m excited that I’ll be graduating with a cosmetology license, and I want to go on to college to be a geriatric nurse, doing this as a side job,” Alexis said. “Maybe I can work in the salon in an assisted living home, so I’m able to do both.” 

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Junior Conner Murphey said the opportunity to graduate with a license is the reason he makes the drive from Royse City to Greenville every day. 

“I made up my mind as soon as I learned that I could learn to be a barber in high school,” he said. “Eventually, I want to own my own shop. My dad always brought me to cool barber shops, and it always stuck with me. I like barber shops in general. You get to go in and talk to people … cool guys. You just cut hair all day every day. You don’t have to change everything up.” Cosmetology Student Conner

 Junior Auntuasia Jones said she’s dreamed of being a beautician since she was in elementary school. 

“In third grade, we had a career day, and I came to school with my little cosmetology stuff on, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I really want to do this’,” she said.  

“I figured out with cosmetology, you’re always interacting with people and meeting new people,” she said. “Right now, I work at a grocery store, and it’s fun to see the same people and talk to new people and everything.” 

Like so many of her classmates, Auntuasia wants to own her own salon one day. 

That’s why cosmetology instructor Shawnda Rodgers says it’s important that students who graduate in the program earn an endorsement in business, in addition to a license in cosmetology from the state of Texas. 

“My students are going to learn how to multitask just like in a real salon and learn all the skills that will help them to expand and build their business,” she said. “I want to empower them to be good members of society and teach them a skill that can immediately support them or provide a way to pay for college.”   

Rogers said COVID precautions include using every other chair for clients.  

As the Lair Salon grows, she hopes to have a greeting area where clients can enjoy coffee and water while they wait. 

“It’s all about the experience,” she said. “You want everyone to feel welcomed and pampered.” 

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