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Greenville High School NJROTC Earns Top Marks at Annual Military Inspection

November 11, 2021 NJROTC AMI 2021 1

The Greenville High School Navy Junior ROTC unit earned the top rank of “Outstanding” in all graded areas following its Annual Military Inspection. 

The Inspection is an annual requirement for all Junior ROTC commands and represents one of the most important benchmarks of the year.  

The cadets worked extremely hard to prepare for a very early inspection date. Many cadets have only been in the unit for two months, but they were held to the same standard as those who have three years’ experience or more. Under the leadership of the Unit Commander Cadet Lieutenant Commander Samantha Jimenez, the unit performed beyond expectations and was graded outstanding in all of the evaluated areas. The unit was graded on uniform appearance and academics, platoon drill, and an impressive Pass-in-Review ceremony. Additionally, all unit supply & facilities, finances, and administrative records were inspected and graded to ensure compliance with school district and Navy policies. 

Third Platoon, commanded by Cadet Petty Officer Sabine Tovar, won the coveted Honor Platoon distinction. The honor was earned by distinctive accomplishments of platoon personnel during the uniform inspection and drill phases of the Annual Military Inspection.

“It was definitely a pleasant surprise to win honor platoon and I couldn’t be prouder of not just my platoon but all cadets that participated,” Tovar said. “AMI was an experience that not only helped me gain confidence but as well as build a bond with my fellow cadets, and for that I am grateful.”  

The event was well-attended by school and district staff, parents, and local community leaders. The ceremonial phase of the event included performances by the armed and unarmed drill teams that demonstrated the precision and professionalism expected of an elite unit.  

 “I was very proud of the performance by the cadets given numerous COVID restrictions that limited training opportunities prior to our AMI,” Senior Naval Science Instructor Lieutenant Commander Larry Wilcock said. “It is a tribute to the staff leadership and the dedication of all the cadets that they were able to persevere and perform at this level.” 

The inspecting officer for the event was Commander Mike Hale, the NJROTC Area Ten manager. In addition to conducting all the inspection phases and awarding the honor platoon streamer, he presented nine awards to cadets for superior uniform appearance and dedication to the unit. These cadets included:  NJROTC AMI 2021 2

  • Aiden Attlee 
  • Vance Jacks 
  • Baily Griggs 
  • Keelin Smith 
  • Haston Jones 
  • Jason Miller 
  • Sharon Ashby 
  • Sabine Tovar 
  • Alyza Corkill  

The report grades the unit in the following areas, with possible grades of Unsatisfactory, Below Average, Average, Above Average, and Outstanding: 

  • School System Program Support 
  • Administration of the Program 
  • Academic Program 
  • Reports and Records 
  • Cadet Performance 
  • Cadet Mentoring 

Commander Hale also recognized the Cadets of the Month for September and October, Samantha Jimenez and Ethan Worcester, respectively.  

GHS Principal Dr. Brant Perry recognized the hard work of the cadets and the cooperation between NJROTC and other elements within the GISD community.  

“The support that our program receives from this school, the district, and the community is beyond compare,” Dr. Perry said. “Seeing our students supporting one another was a powerful demonstration of how our campus family comes together.” 

The GHS culinary arts program provided a delicious lunch for the cadets and the inspector; the GHS Encore choir performed the National Anthem to open the ceremony; the yearbook staff provided photography of the event; the art department assisted with development of posters; and the new cosmetology department even cut some of the cadets’ hair. In all, it was a great joint effort that resulted in a superior rating for the cadets of the Greenville High School Navy Junior ROTC.  

For more information about the district’s NJROTC Program, please contact LCDR Larry Wilcock at (903) 453-3752.