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Preparing students with special needs for the workforce

 November 12, 2021 

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Preparing our students for successful futures is at the core of everything we do in Greenville ISD.


That’s why Greenville High School is launching a new program in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission and Job Connect Dallas. The Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) classes help students learn and adjust to the daily workplace routine and address vocational impediments. Students learn competencies and essential skills necessary to function successfully on the job and in the community.


Here are the classes being offered to our students:

  • Exploring the "You" in work- assists in understanding his/her own work personalities, interests, values, and transferable skills.
  • Soft Skills for Success- focuses on developing essential skills related to effective communication, problem solving, work habits, and work ethics. 
  • Entering the World of Work - focuses on skills related to workplace expectations, rules, and laws. 
  • Disability Disclosure Training - assists in making informed decisions about disclosing his/her disability.
  • Money Smart- financial education training, focuses on skills related to money management and finances.  


GISD Transition Specialist Shelby Hale says she is excited to partner with TWC and Job Connect Dallas to bring these classes to our students.


“I was able to sit in our first class and was pleased to see our students learning and interacting with presenter Collen Day from Job Connect Dallas,” Shelby said. “I can’t wait to see what the next class brings!”