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"Spread the Red" Wins National PR Award

Greenville ISD has been awarded the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Golden Achievement Award for “Spread the Red.” The “Spread the Red” branding campaign met the award’s four part award criteria: 1) analysis of the need; 2) planning to meet the need; 3) execution and communication of the program; and 4) formal evaluation. GISD is one of a select group of winners recognized for being leaders in school communication.

Spread the Red is a comprehensive advertising campaign focused on improving public perceptions and a way to garner support for GISD students, programs and staff.
Spread the Red is a campaign for our children; a campaign to upraise their spirits, rejoice in their victories and blaze their successes. It is a campaign to harmonize our collective voice and show pride in our schools, our educators and our community. It is a venue to sing the story of Greenville ISD.
GISD boasts a world-champion robotics program, touts dozens of state titles, utilizes revolutionary teaching methodologies and is a district brimming with talented students and faculty. Our district’s joys have been undoubtedly overshadowed by our one-word “unacceptable” rating.
Although only unacceptable as a district in one subject area in one sub group, educating the community on the rating process and our successful performance on the majority of the standardized rating system proved challenging.

After much brainstorming and research, the Director of Community Services initiated the Spread the Red campaign in January of 2012 with the launch of and began the distribution and selling of Spread the Red shirts to GISD students, GISD staff and to the Greenville community. An initial order of 1000 shirts proved far too few and two subsequent orders have been required per the popularity of the campaign.