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Billboard highlights four success stories that started in GISD

January 24, 2022

GISD is my foundation! Billboard

We educate today … you succeed tomorrow. That is Greenville ISD’s vision for each and every one of our students. Our new billboard showcases three graduates and one current student whose success stories began in Greenville ISD. They are (from left):

  • Greenville High School junior Anika Escobar, whose experience as a solar car engineer and welder established a foundation for her to pursue her dream of becoming an electrical engineer specializing in renewable energy. She will graduate from GHS in 2023.
  • Greenville Fire Chief Jeremy Powell, who has been with Greenville Fire-Rescue for 16 years. He recalls learning about teamwork, discipline and seeing projects through to the end during his years in GISD. Chief Powell is a 1994 graduate of New Horizons High School.
  • 2018 Greenville High School Valedictorian Madison Kroncke, whose years as a leader on the robotics team paved the way for paid internships at Innovation First International and NASA. Madison will be graduating from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and she is looking forward to pursuing a career as a mechanical engineer, concentrating on robotics design. 
  • Family physician Antonio Barksdale who said his years at GHS set the foundation for success in college and medical school, and who sees tremendous opportunities being offered to students in the healthcare diagnostics pathway at GHS. Dr. Barksdale is a highly respected family physician. He graduated from GHS in 2001.

The billboard is located on westbound I-30 just past the 1570 exit. It is part of an ongoing pride campaign that is 100% paid for by local business and community advertisers who support GISD and its mission to open the doors to the future for all students.  

If you are interested in participating in Greenville ISD's Partners in Education program, please contact Director of Community Relations Amy Wade at or call her at 903-408-4427.

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