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GISD art teachers express their Lion pride with paint at T6

June 9, 2022

T6 Artwork Story by Bentley Love

When students, staff and visitors walk in the front doors of Travis/Sixth Grade Center this fall, they will be greeted by a fantastic mural painted by four Greenville ISD art teachers. T6 art teacher Monika Crossley led the summer effort with Bill Shiflet from Greenville High School, Jeff Jaco from Greenville Middle School and Dondi Tarrant, who teaches art at Carver Elementary and Crockett/STEM.   

Principal Brittany Anderson said she wanted it to be red but other than that, the teachers had complete freedom.

“We had a lot of bad ideas,” Mr. Shiflet said. “But those ideas led to better ideas and ideas we could use.” 

T6 Artwork Step 1   T6 Artwork Step 2 

Mrs. Crossley said the mural makes her think of “Lion Pride” and how the Sixth Grade Center is where students come together as one group for the first time. 

Mr. Jaco’s favorite part of the project was working with the other art teachers.

“We have all known each other 20 years or more, but it was our first time coming together. It was a blast,” Mr. Jaco said. 

Principal Anderson says she feels a sense of renewal when she looks at the mural. 

“I feel renewed, refreshed and motivated,” she said. “I hope the kids will too. I envisioned that space being an atmosphere that was welcoming and inviting, basically I wanted it to pop when people came in the door.”  

The mural is approximately 16 feet long and 3 feet high. All in all, the entire project took two eight-hour days to complete once the teachers began drawing it out and painting. 

T6 Artwork and Teachers
Pictured left to right : Jeff Jaco (GMS), Monika Crossley (T6),  Bill Shiflet (GHS), and Dondi Tarrant (Crockett/STEM and Carver).

Bentley Love is an incoming senior at Greenville High School. He has a gift for communication and aspires to own a radio station. He also enjoys woodworking, is the Vice President of the GHS FFA Chapter and is a master griller. Bentley is interning with GISD Communications.