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Superintendent Boothe featured in prominent national publication

June 21, 2022
Ms. Boothe speaking at Golden Lions event
Superintendent Sharon Boothe's column "How Video Has improved Instructional Coaching" was featured today in Education Week, a prominent national publication with more than 1.6 million readers.
In the column, Superintendent Boothe describes the many benefits of using video for coaching teachers.
"Sometimes a teacher is on the verge of greatness, and they just need a little help from a coach to achieve that next level. Similarly, video has allowed us to put teachers who are having similar challenges together for support and collaboration as they work to improve their practice," she writes. "It’s really allowed us to divide and conquer and, in turn, provide more targeted support and development for our teachers."
As teachers grow and develop their strengths, the benefits for students and families are significant. And in GISD, helping students excel is what we're all about.
Congratulations, Superintendent Boothe, for leading the way and sharing ideas with other education leaders across the U.S.!