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LLC Cafe makes a roaring debut

LLC cafe

Story by GISD Communications Intern Bentley Love

Pans were sizzling in the kitchen of the CTE wing of Greenville High School as culinary arts students served up spaghetti, sauteed Italian vegetables and a raspberry mousse dome with dark chocolate.


Friday marked the debut of the Lions Lair Cafe (LLC), as students served a gourmet meal to teachers and staff at GHS.


“All of these students are super talented and make amazing food. It was all bursting with flavor and was one of the best lunches I have had in a very long time,” CTE Chancellor Rebekah Russler said.


GHS senior Evelyn Hix says she and the other students were relieved that everything went smoothly today because trial and error always play a role in the kitchen.


“Last year, we had a cake-baking competition, and my group was going to make this beautiful cake, and we put it in the pan and put it in the oven, but when we came back 30 minutes later, it was still raw because we hadn’t closed the oven all the way.”


Culinary arts teacher Chef Lucas Kiowski teaches his students about both the art and science behind the craft of cooking. They learn everything from how yeast makes bread rise to various kinds of sauces. Students also learn about how to communicate with their customers, and if Friday was any indication, the LLC Cafe is off to a roaring start.