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Look at Them Now: Joshua Ebrahim

September 8, 2022

Joshua Ebrahim

Joshua Ebrahim has combined his athletic experience and love of sports with an innovative software program that tracks athletic performance and finances.  The 2001 Greenville High School graduate is a former NBA agent who worked with Drew Rosenhaus of Rosenhaus Sports Representation (RSR) while building the newly formed basketball division into a powerhouse, negotiating $32M in NBA contracts and representing eight NBA players during his career.

Ebrahim identified numerous problems within performance and financial analysis that negatively impacted his clients. To meet this challenge, he founded ProFitX, a software company that provides access to real-time performance and financial insights.

Having taught over 10 different courses within the School of Business and Accounting at Monroe College in the Bronx, NY, Josh is committed to supporting students as they navigate and balance their educational and career pursuits.

Ebrahim said retired teachers Sarah Skillerns (Bowie) and Linda Muhl (Greenville Middle School) inspired him.

“They pushed me to discover my potential and challenged me from a young age to give me the confidence I needed,” he said. “I feel it's my duty to pass that on to the next generation with my students and be a mentor for them to follow their passion and share my experiences from my career to help them navigate the obstacles that they will face once they start their careers.”

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