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Look at Them Now - Jacob Jarvis

January 10, 2023

Look at Them Now - Jacob Jarvis

Greenville High School 2015 graduate Jacob Jarvis is a firm believer in Greenville ISD and the community of Greenville.   

He understands the impact a school district and community can have on a young person. That’s why he returned home and teaches political science and coaches at GHS. Jarvis wants to create the same positive experiences he had as a student to those coming through GISD now.   

“GISD has provided me with tools to succeed and I am hoping to give back as best as I can,” Jarvis said.   

Jacob’s father, Heath, has played an enormous role in his life. Heath, a GHS graduate himself, spent 12 years as the principal at GHS and is now the district’s Chief Human Resources Officer. Jacob looks to him as a role model, inside and outside of the classroom.   

“One of the greatest influences I've had in not only my school life, but home life has been my dad,” Jacob said. “I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the impact he has had on (GHS students) lives and I would like to do my part to continue that.” 

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