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Who doesn't love a little extra dough?

This year, L3Harris operations team members will receive a little extra dough in appreciation for their hard work: a pint of delicious cookie dough prepared by GHS Culinary Arts students.
"This has been a great new lesson for our students. They are learning how to produce quality cookie dough en masse and how to package it professionally," Culinary Arts Instructor Chef Lucas Kiowski said. "It's been a big year for them! They're running a public restaurant -- the Lions Lair Cafe once a month -- and now, they learned how to make 300 pounds of quality cookie dough, which is a real production.  First, they made small batches, tested them, adjusted the recipes to make them even better."
The cookies come in four varieties: chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, and sugar-free peanut butter. On the business side, the students also learned about ordering in large quantities, scaled pricing and proper food storage techniques.
It's a sweet deal for everyone!