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DFW Airport Police Donate 800lb Wolverine Robot to Greenville ISD Robotics Team

Greenville, TX - Thursday, September 7, 2023

Students from the world-renowned Greenville High School robotics team, The Robowranglers, were surprised with a “massive” donation Wednesday afternoon. Officers Antonio Payton and Tom Scarabelli, from the DFW Airport PD, delivered the 800-pound, multi-joint, retired bomb-defusal robot named Wolverine to the team in an effort to promote learning and innovation with a hands-on project.

Smiles, oohs and ahhs flooded the Robowranglers room as the officers unloaded the robot from their trailer. Once parked, students took the opportunity to walk around and check out their newest piece of learning equipment. Not only did the team receive a unique asset to their curriculum, they also received special additions to the robot like attachments, controllers, and much more. Ofc. Payton took the opportunity to explain all the ins and outs of their former unit, expounding on its build, quality, size, and abilities.

“I think it’s great that it’s getting into the hands of young people that can be shaping the future of the robots for people after us”, said Ofc. Scarabelli.

When asked how a device such as the Wolverine robot can give insight on the build of their competition robots, Robowrangler and GHS junior Rhett Maner said, “One thing we have never tested in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), is a 4-degree articulating robot, that has 4 different joints. I’d love to do that on our robot and I’m excited to see how that works.” The Wolverine robot is designed to maneuver, lift and pull in both large and small spaces, giving these students unique insights and applications they can implement on their own competition entries.

Robotics coach and Greenville High School teacher, Corey Bankston, expressed just how beneficial a special donation like this means to all his students across each of his classes, including those outside his competition team. “I can use this in just about every single class of mine. It takes every bit of our different curriculums and brings it all together.” Moreover, the scope extends beyond the classroom. Students at Greenville High School can now see a real-world, industry approach to devices like this, focusing on aspects such as engineering, design, mechanics and so much more. Maner emphasizes this idea by saying, “It brings an entirely different perspective on new jobs and opportunities that come along with robotics.”

To show their sense of gratitude, The Robowranglers presented both officers with a special “Team 148” coin and expounded on just how much a donation like this means to them. “Coming from our entire team, this is a huge blessing. Thank you for allowing us to have this opportunity to continue to learn more” said Robowrangler and GHS senior Jace Franklin. Coach Bankston closed with a final word to the department, “We appreciate it beyond belief. This is just one more way the community is helping our students learn and grow.”

A huge GISD thank you to the DFW Airport Police Department for their support in equipping future world changers.