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What if the Bond passes? Then what?

If the propositions listed on the 2023 November ballot passes, Greenville ISD will construct two new campuses and do major renovations on a third. So, what will happen to the facilities housing students who will receive a new campus?

If Proposition A, the proposed new middle school, passes the following will occur:

               →  Students in grades 6-8 will attend the NEW Greenville Middle School

               →  The current middle school building will serve as Greenville ISD’s Administration Building, Horizons High School & GAEP

               →  Wesley Martin Administration Building will serve as the district’s Technology Hub.

               →  The current Travis Intermediate building will serve as Travis Elementary.

If Proposition B, the proposed new early childhood center, passes the following will occur:

              → Students in Early Childhood will attend the NEW L.P. Waters Early Childhood Center.

              → The current Early Childhood Center will be demolished following the completed construction of the new building.

              → The current New Horizons High School will serve as a Head Start Facility or Elementary Campus expansion.

If Proposition C, the proposed high school renovations, passes the following will occur:

              → Repurpose existing hall locker space at main circulation space

               → Renovate existing restrooms, including fixtures and finishes

               → Replace/repair ceiling tile and grid at system.

               → Update all finishes in classrooms

               → Replace older casework in science labs and work room areas

               → Replace carpet in circulation areas

               → Renovate Library

               → Replace lighting with LED in renovated areas

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