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2023 Bond Results: Now what?

Now What










Dear GISD Family, 
The results are in for the November 7th bond election, and sadly, the voters did not approve any of the propositions that the GISD Board of Trustees brought forward.  That being said, we are counting our blessings and are grateful for each of the yes votes given by Greenville Citizens in support of our students.  Proposition A:  2,426; Proposition B: 2,340; Proposition C: 2,269. 
Though disappointing, it does not minimize the fact that we all believe our students and staff deserve the very best learning environments, and in spite of the vote, we will continue to serve our students well. 
Respecting the voters’ wishes, we will move forward with the resources and facilities that we have. 
We have taken a hard look at our options to be able to ensure we have a seat for every student currently in GISD and for those that are moving into GISD.  
Several steps will be taken: 
  1. We will continue to require incoming Kindergarten students to attend the elementary campus closest to their home address. 
  2. Capacity studies will be made on each of the elementary campuses to determine the need to add portables. 
  3. Any classrooms with one or more adults occupying them, without any students enrolled in their room, will be converted to instructional classrooms. 
  4. In the event there is a delay in obtaining portables, maximum class sizes will be adjusted to 28 in fifth through twelfth grades. 
Further, we have taken a close look at our existing facilities, and we will have four relocations ​in the upcoming years, listed below and illustrated in the graphic.
  1. L.P. Waters will move to the building on Jack Finney Blvd. (currently New Horizons High School). We anticipate needing nine two-classroom portable buildings since the building only has 13 classrooms. 
  2. New Horizons High School will move to the building on Moulton St. (currently the Wesley Martin Administration building). 
  3. The administrative offices will relocate to the building on Lee St. (formerly L.P. Waters). 
  4. Additional portables will be purchased for Greenville Middle School, which will allow our sixth graders to move up with the current Middle School students.  Making the Middle School a sixth through eighth grade campus.
  5. Travis Intermediate will be transitioned back to an elementary K-5. In the transition, GISD will be analyzing home addresses to determine redistricting of each of the elementary campuses.  
How much will all this cost? Estimates are over $180,000-$200,000 per portable building. The grand total will likely add up to well over $4 million, which will need to be paid out of fund balance or through an additional Maintenance Tax Note.  
We will continue to uphold our belief that our students are always the focus of our work, and we will continue to pour our energy and efforts into advocating for what is best for them.  It is gratifying to know that the GISD family goes far beyond the walls of our schools.  
I would like to thank these advocates and community partners who fought hard for the bond proposal in the belief that it was important to the future of our children and our community:  
  • The Community Advisory Committee and visioning participants, consisting of teachers, administrators, GISD employees, parents, business owners, pastors and citizens for devoting countless evenings and hours to identifying immediate district needs and taking the recommendations to the GISD School Board to encourage a vote be brought to the voters to rebuild, refurbish or add to the facilities of GISD. 
  • Our architect (Corgan) and our financial advisor (Samco Capital) for providing factual information about conditions of facilities, budgets for prioritized projects and financial models for projecting bond portfolios. 
  • The Greenville Board of Trustees for its fearless leadership and for asking the voters of Greenville to support what's best for teachers and students of GISD.  
  • Parents and Employees of GISD - for your patience, and your perseverance for knowing what we need to move GISD forward.  You are making a difference and you very appreciated!
  • The Political Action Committee (PAC) for their hearts for children and their countless hours of hard work.   These passionate citizens knocked on doors, put up yard signs, shared facts and figures, and made the case for our students and their future. 
  • The many civic and community groups who gave us their attention and feedback as we visited to share the facts about the bond. 
  • The voters who took the time to voice their desire to make Greenville ISD better for our students and staff. We respect every vote, yes or no, and we will continue to work side-by-side with our community because we know this is what GISD students and staff deserve. 


Even under difficult circumstances, we will continue to move Forward Together! 
Sharon Boothe 
Superintendent, Greenville ISD