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Hearts Around Hunt County: GISD unites in vibrant display of community spirit

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Hearts are showing up all around Greenville because of the "Hearts Around Hunt County" project initiated by the 2022-2023 Chamber of Commerce Hunt County Leadership Class. Greenville Independent School District (GISD) eagerly joined, contributing a vibrant heart that was installed this week in front of our Wesley Martin Administration building.

Embracing our "Forward Together" theme, involving various contributors in the project, GHS Junior Josephine Williams designed the front, infusing the heart with school spirit in her graphic design class. GHS Art 3 & 4 students with the assistance of GHS Art Teacher Bill Shiflet added their creative flair to the back, as well as clocked many hours painting and completing the project.

Behind the scenes, GISD's maintenance department built the base and ensured a secure installation, turning the vision into a tangible symbol of GISD unity. The heart now stands as a colorful reminder of the collective creativity and pride that defines GISD, a testament to what can be achieved when a community moves Forward Together.

GISD is proud to have participated in this project and we invite the community to stop by and take a picture with the heart.