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House of Champions: CTE Month

Celebrating Triumphs: Greenville High School Shines in Career and Technical Education


In February we celebrate Career and Technical Education (CTE) month. Among the many fabulous programs offered at Greenville High School, two standout groups recently brought home championships.

The GHS VEX Robotics teams showcased their prowess at the VEX UIL State Championship. Team 4148V, known as The Vangatriots, demonstrated exceptional skill, advancing to the semi-finals with their innovative designs and strategic gameplay. Meanwhile, Team 4148Z, named Impact, proved their determination in the final match, emerging victorious as they clinched the State Tournament Championship. This marks the THIRD year in a row Impact has brought home the State UIL Championship!

On a distinctly artistic note, the Greendalions floral design class participated in a competition in Mineola. Tasked with the challenge of a "bring your own container" Valentines themed style contest, the students let their creativity bloom. Among them, Daniela Castro's arrangement earned her the fourth place "People's Choice" award. However, it was Savannah Wardlow who stole the spotlight, claiming the coveted title of GRAND CHAMPION in the advanced class with her exquisite floral masterpiece.

As we celebrate these triumphs, we recognize the significance of CTE programs in shaping the futures of our students. Whether engineering robots or crafting floral arrangements, these activities not only hone skills but also instill invaluable lessons of teamwork, creativity and perseverance. With each success, the students of Greenville High School prove that the pursuit of passion and excellence knows no bounds.