GISD Incorporates "Hour of Code" Across District

Greenville ISD students across the district celebrated Computer Science Education Week through game-like, self-directed coding activities called Hour of Code. Utilizing a system of visual blocks and JavaScript, students from all grade levels were equally able to understand the foundations of computer science. In this true example of product oriented education, STEM concepts came to life for hundreds of students.  


Students in Lori Shaw’s classroom at Bowie Elementary and Kelly Walker’s classroom at Lamar Elementary programmed their own Star Wars droids in a galaxy far, far away. Students used JavaScript, the programming language of HTML and the Web, to complete various tasks and learned that every movement the droids make are controlled by computer software.


“The students absolutely loved the results of the activity” said Walker. “To them, it feels like playing video games and having fun, but we know this is something that can lead them into a successful career if cultivated, so that’s exciting for us as teachers,” she said.


Orion Casper’s students at Greenville Middle School enjoyed simulating the popular game, Minecraft, during their Hour of Code. Picking one of the game’s fictional characters, students coded to move the players through the Minecraft world.


In his third year using Hour of Code, Orion said of the activity, “The real-word concepts students learn from Hour of Code are actual concepts and foundations used in computer science; applying the lessons to popular culture makes coding fun and engaging for my students.”


Hour of Code is part of the comprehensive activities and curriculum imparted on GISD students in the STEM areas. Teachers continue to incorporate product oriented education activities into all subjects and activities.


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