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GISD to Send 7 DI Teams to State

Greenville ISD sent 18 teams to the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament Saturday, March 2, 2013 at Mesquite Poteet High School.  The event included more than 320 teams from the East Region.  Fourteen teams placed and seven are advancing to the State Tournament in Katy, TX April 12-13. 

The Destination Imagination program encourages teams of learners to have fun, take risks, focus, and frame challenges while incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the arts, and service learning.   

Teams could choose from 7 different challenges:

Roy G Biv-Rising Stars (non-competitive for students in grades k-2)

- Learn about the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

- Create a play about Roy G. Biv’s birthday party

- Dress Roy G. Biv in all the colors of the rainbow, and dress the guests in their favorite colors

- Have each guest bring a gift that is made mostly of the color they are wearing


Bowie Elementary-Team Managers Ashley Tubbs and Emily Duke

Evan Stutzman

Scarlett Duke

Riley Tubbs

Nhira Iverson

Allie Johnson

Baden Herrin

Drew Curtis

Ava Walker

Carsten Keck


Lamar Elementary-Team Manager Paige Shepherd

Brylon Hill

Jillian Shepherd

Erick Cozine

Kade Coles

Elijah Phillips


In the Zone-Technical Challenge

- Present a story about the dangers faced by vehicles, told from the point of view of one or more vehicles

- Design and build small vehicles that are able to reliably and accurately travel specific distances

- Use at least three different power sources for the vehicles


Lamar Elementary- Team Manager Shannon Manley

Blake Dixon

Ryan Kirk

Morgan Green

Lea Gomez

Matthew McFarland

Rylee Powell

Caleb Manley

*3rd Place


Sixth Grade Center/Bowie Elementary- Team Managers: Libby Stromberg and Jana Stephens

Ella Walker

Nick Stromberg

Zachary Cook

Jackson Woodruff

Cora Hudgins

Maddie Stephens

Maria Seaholm

2nd Place Advancing to State


Greenville High School-Team Manager Bonnie Stewart

Delaney Stewart

Jake Tucker

Jordan Nelson

Avery Arnold

Julia Angel

Cassidy Teelon

*1st Place Advancing to State



Wind Visible-Scientific Challenge

- Explore how the science of wind energy can be used to make kinetic art move

- Design and create kinetic art that moves during the presentation

- Create and present an original story that features an invisible visitor

- Integrate wind energy research into the story


Greenville High School-Team Manager Sharon Ozarowski

Emma Anderson

Allyson Koger

Makenzy Mulder

Allison Ozarowski

Chase Vance

Hayden Willeford

*1st Place Advancing to State



In Disguise-Fine Arts Challenge

- Present a team-created story about a character that uses a disguise

- Use only non-verbal theatrical techniques to present the story

- Design and construct at least two masks that enhance the story


Bowie/Lamar Elementary-Team Managers Emily Duke and Emely Whitson

Caleb Stutzman

John Riley Hill

Stella Duke

Gregory Just

Emma Woods

Sarah Whitson

Sydney Homerstad

*3rd Place


Greenville Middle School- Team Manager Bill Shiflet

Natalie Dillard

Laura Foote

Trevor Angell

Jace Kilmer

Madeline Miller

Travis Breathurt

Reagan Dawson

*5th Place



Greenville High School- Team Managers Pud Kearns, Mo Twilley and David Long

Katie McMurray

Giovani Pimentel

Jose Osornio

Lorena Otero

Crystal Rios

Kally Duncan

Jada Hilburn

*1st Place Advancing to State

Recipient of the Renaissance Award given for Outstanding Design, Engineering, and Performance




Change in Reality-Improv Challenge

- Create a 5-minute improv skit about life after a dramatic change and how the characters adapt to this change  

- Learn about different communication techniques and integrate one into the skit

- Use only white t-shirts, washable markers and team members to create all costumes, sets and props      

- Create a slogan from three randomly selected nouns



Lamar Elementary-Team Manager Samantha Phillips

Eric Anderson

Austin Arize

Brandon Stephens

Jacob Linden

Kelsi McNair

Alyssa Mitchell

Mckenna Smith

*3rd Place


Carver Elementary-Team Manager Shawna Kelsey

Mia Angel

Lizzet Campos

Jonathon Hernandez

David Neaville

Valeria Lizarde

Emily Cerda

Emberly Rios


Bowie Elementary-Team Manager Emily Duke

Ali Hall

Bella Stephens

Sawyer Duke

Chelsy Atherton

Alex Brown


Greenville Middle School-Team Manager Elisa Dillard

Mandy Isom

Olivia Littlefield

Eileen McCarthy

Abbie Duncan

Avery Davidson

Nathan Claude

Austin Limon



Greenville High School-Team Manager Emily Duke

Avery Arnold

Morgan Crabtree

Ariel Taylor

Joel McGregor

Rachael Garrett

*5th Place




Twist-O-Rama-Structure Challenge

- Build a structure made entirely of glue and materials the team chooses from a list

- Test the structure by placing weights on it, and by subjecting it to torque-inducing impacts

- Produce a list the materials used in your structure, and provide samples of these materials

- Produce a prop or costume made of all the materials used in the structure

- Tell a story about something or someone that causes an unexpected twist or surprising change



Greenville Middle School/6th Grade Center-Team Managers Bill Mayberry, Len Veak, Rich Ryan

Felicia Arize

Madicyn Evans

Chandler Cox

Odie Odeneal

Abbie Hoffman

Makayla Woods

Jorge Leon

*1st Place Advancing to State


Greenville High School-Team Managers Jackie Abbott and Catherine Cantrell

Riley Cox

Carol Twilley

Jasmin Deleon

Dillon Minick

Mason Smith

Jose Aguilar

Vicki Drake

*1st Place Advancing to State


Greenville High School-Team Managers Angela Hudgins and Jackie Dawson

Mya Hudgins

Reah Dawson

Alexis Monk

Trevor Tanner

Seth Stephens

Andrew Walker

Coy Latte

*2nd Place Advancing to State




Project Outreach-Service Learning

- Use collaborative problem solving tools to identify and select at least one real community need

- Design and carry out a project to address the real community need

- Create a movie that documents the project

- Evaluate the project and prepare a thorough project review


Greenville Middle School-Team Manager Andrea Foote

David Foote

Emma Shasteen

Brittany Riveroll

Miranda Ferrer

Ashleigh Snell

Kevin Franco

Bria Brehm

*2nd Place