Teaching from the Balance Point: A Guide for Suzuki Teachers, Parents, and Students

by Edward Kreitman Year Published: 1998

Teaching from the Balance Point: A guide for Suzuki Parents, Teachers, and Students is an excellent source of practical information for those studying music in the Suzuki Method. Organized around Edward Kreitman's "Priority Teaching", and drawn from his many years of Suzuki teaching experience, it provides in-depth explanations of how to teach (and learn!) effectively and with superior results. Kreitman's basic idea of "priority teaching" is that there are certain things a student needs in every piece of music, at every level of playing. He urges people to learn to think in terms of these priorities, rather than focusing on where they are in the curriculum. He sets out to explain his five priorities and spends a chapter on each one. Each chapter details what it is and gives tips on how to teach it.