First Name Last Name Position Email Address Phone Number
Frances Moore Principal 903-453-6304
Rachel Henson Assistant Principal 903-453-6302
Lamia Jimmerson Counselor 903-453-6306
Carolyn Williams Instructional Coach 903-453-6321
Cintia Villeda Secretary 903-453-6303
Guadalupe Salazar Receptionist 903-453-6304
Karen Milton Nurse 903-453-6305
Amber Webb Cafeteria 903-453-6355
David Canzoneri Library Aide 903-453-6358
Jason Morales PE Teacher 903-453-6354
Leah Gore PE Aide 903-453-6354
Terri Reese Music Teacher 903-453-6338
Kelley Owens Interventionist 903-453-6336
Notelyah Morrison Interventionist Aide 903-453-6336
Lisa Hoskins ISS and Computer Lab Aide 903-453-6337
Amanda Kilgore Gifted and Talent 903-453-6322
Ashely Gilliam Take Flight 903-453-6320
Cori Brumit AU 3-5 903-453-6357
Breanna Anderson AU II Aide 903-453-6357
Kayla Reiber AU II 903-453-6357
Courney Jackson AU II Aide 903-453-6313
Dartanon Wilson AU Aide 903-453-6357
Kristen Thomas AU Aide 903-453-6313
Joy Lohse AI Teacher1 903-453-6326
Denise Jamieson AI Teacher II 903-453-6312
Alice Palstring AI Interpreter 903-453-6326
Charlotte Jackson AI Interpreter 903-453-6326
Jessica Flanagan Resource Teacher 903-453-6310
Heidi White Resource Teacher 903-453-6311
Jayme Mason Diagnostician 903-453-8834
Lacy Noey Speech Assistant 903-453-6339
Diane Hesse Kindergarten Teacher 903-453-6317
Lucy Selter Kindergarten Teacher 903-453-6319
Marcos Hernandez Kindergarten Teacher 903-453-6318
Amanda Gangawere Kindergarten Teacher 903-453-6324
Kylie Gonzalez Kindergarten Teacher 903-453-6316
First Grade
Dina Herrera 1st Grade Teacher 903-453-6323
Lindsey Kort 1st Grade Teacher 903-453-6325
Shelly Lozoya 1st Grade Teacher 903-453-6328
Heather Hughes 1st Grade Teacher 903-453-6327
Alison Pike 1st Grade Teacher 903-453-6308
Second Grade
Laura Walden 2nd Grade Teacher 903-453-6330
Amanda Lowe 2nd Grade Teacher 903-453-6341
Sunjay Bustamante 2nd Grade Teacher 903-453-6333
Shawnna Kelsey 2nd Grade Teacher 903-453-6345
Allison Davis 2nd Grade Teacher 903-453-6331
Third Grade
Jan Teeters 3rd Grade Teacher 903-453-6315
Susana Gomez 3rd Grade Teacher 903-453-6334
Kasey Murphy 3rd Grade Teacher 903-453-6340
Selby Bagale 3rd Grade Teacher 903-453-6335
Latisha Britton 3rd Grade Teacher 903-453-6356
Fourth Grade
Julie Kennon 4th Grade Teacher 903-453-6348
Jody Jones 4th Grade Teacher 903-453-6346
Audrey Michaels 4th Grade Teacher 903-453-6345
Kathie Bowen 4th Grade Teacher 903-453-6343