• Dear Bowie Family,


    Here we are at the beginning of another school year. The bell schedule (school hours) has changed, so please make note of the new times. Our hours are now 7:45 am (tardy bell) to 3:15 pm (dismissal bell). The doors will open at 7:20 for breakfast. Also, please know that we have been working diligently to prepare to meet the challenges of today’s academic expectations so that we can provide your children with the best possible learning opportunities. We’ve been working with the Schlechty Center in order to create work that better helps students find meaning and relevance in learning. We also work hard to protect instructional times so that students don’t miss out on valuable learning opportunities. You can help us protect this valuable time by trying to make medical appointments as close to the release time as possible; refrain from taking your child out of school early, unless it is absolutely necessary; and of course, make sure that s/he arrives at school in a timely fashion and avoids unnecessary absences.


    Together, we can give your child the best possible education that builds a strong academic foundation and effectively prepares him/her for the future.


    Thank you for all you do to invest in your child and Bowie School!




    Dale Mason, Principal