• Clear Backpack Policy

    With safety at the top of all our minds, GISD is putting additional safety measures in place for the 2022-23 school year. 

    One of the safety measures we wanted to immediately share with families is that all students must carry only a clear backpack, starting this fall. This common-sense measure is becoming more common at both school and public events, and we want to make this transition easy and affordable for our families. We are contacting vendors to find deep discounts and donations for families who need assistance.

    Clear backpacks are available by clicking on the following links: 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What are the size specifications for the backpack?  

    There are no size specifications. 

    Why not mesh bags? 

    Mesh bags with various patterns and colors are more difficult to screen and often require staff members to hand search. We are discontinuing their use in the interest of health and safety of staff and students. 

    Are transparent colored backpacks allowed? 

    If transparent plastic, yes.

    Can the backpack have colored straps? 

    Yes. The backpack may have colored straps. 

    Are company or trademarked logos allowed on the front of the backpacks? 

    Small company logos are allowed, but large logos, monograms, or other visual design obstructions are not. 

    Can we design or decorate the backpack?  

    No. Designs or decorations cannot hinder the ability to see inside the backpack. 

    Will small athletic/spirit bags and instrument cases, which are not clear, be allowed on campus? 

    Yes, these are permitted, but should be stored in the band room or athletic locker room. 

    Are lunch boxes permitted? 

    Yes. Non-clear lunch boxes are permitted to be carried in backpacks. 

    What about purses or pocketbooks? 

    Any purse or pocketbook larger than a composition book is considered a book bag and will not be permitted unless clear. 

    What about makeup bags or small purses? 

    The clear backpack policy only pertains to the backpack itself. Other items, such as pencil boxes, notebooks, binders, glasses cases, laptop bags, lunch bags, pouches for makeup or other personal belongings are all still permitted. 


    Thanks to Gaston County Schools and Spring ISD for sharing their FAQ information.