• Public Information Requests
    Greenville ISD Board of Trustees’ (“Board”) Policies GKA (LEGAL) and GKA (LOCAL) address third party access to Greenville ISD property and campuses.  These policies are specifically drafted to implement measures to protect the health and safety of the District’s students and staff. 
    In addition, Greenville ISD Board Policies FL (LEGAL) and FL (LOCAL), which incorporate the provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and Chapter 26 of the Texas Education Code, outline further restrictions on third party access to personally identifiable information regarding students.  The District is obligated by law to protect student confidentiality, including the recording of students’ images or other information. 
    Board Policies GBAA (LEGAL), GBAA (LOCAL), and GBAA (EXHIBIT), address the District’s policies with regard to responding to requests for public information. 
    Please send all requests for public information in email or writing to:
    Public Information Officer Amy Wade
    P.O. Box 1022
    Greenville, TX 75403
    If emailing, please use the words "public information request" in the subject line.