Introducing "Student 2 Staff" – a heartwarming initiative by Greenville Independent School District that celebrates the remarkable journey of its alumni turned employees. This shines a spotlight on the Greenville ISD graduates who have returned to their roots, bringing their passion and dedication to their alma mater. These individuals embody the spirit of lifelong learning, and their unique perspective as both students and staff members enriches the GISD community.

    Their stories inspire, motivate, and exemplify the profound impact that GISD has on its students. If you are a GISD graduate and currently employed by the district, we invite you to share your journey with us and join the "Student 2 Staff" spotlight.  To share your story and be part of "Student 2 Staff," please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/dZxJvyk2SgaaaTAv9

    Some of our Student 2 Staff Employees include:

    • Dale Mason, Assistant Principal (GHS)    Class of 1979
    • Alanna C. Smith, P.E. Teacher (Lamar)  Class of 1993
    • Emely Ramirez, Counselor (Carver)    Class of 2014
    • Lauren Barta, Principal (Bowie)    Class of 2001
    • Dr. William P. Stewart, Principal (GHS)    Class of 1989
    • Madelyn Jones, 5th Grade Teacher/Coach (Travis)    Class of 2019
    • Rachel Alexander, SPED Paraprofessional    Class of 1998
    • Holly Santana (Hamilton), Pre-K Teacher (L.P. Waters)   Class of 1998
    • Heather Prather, Flaming Flash Director   Class of 1997
    • Jason Scott, Director of Infrastructure    Class of 1989
    • Felicia Deane Limon, Human Resource Coordinator    Class of 1996
    • Donnie Fluellen, Math Teacher (GHS)    Class of 1975
    • Susan Sikes, Counselor (GHS)    Class of 1984
    • Johana Estrada, Receptionist (WMAB)    Class of 2022
    • Kathryn Douglas, Math Interventionist (Bowie)    Class of 2003
    • Sherry Fair, Principal (NHHS)    Class of 1986
    • Amber Schneider, Counselor (Lamar)    Class of 1999
    • Ashley Rodriguez, PEIMS Coordinator    Class of 2002
    • BriAnn Anderson, SPED Coordinator (Carver)    Class of 2009
    • Jill Phillips (Jarvis), Teacher/Robotics (Travis Intermediate)    Class of 2004
    • Megan Dudark, 3rd Grade Teacher (Lamar)    Class of 2002
    • Damita Jo Graham, Inclusion Paraprofessional    Class of 1974
    • Bobb Mahrer, Math Teacher (GMS)    Class of 1969
    • Stephanie Quick, 4th Grade Teacher (Lamar)   Class of 1986
    • Jennifer Dracos, Principal (Lamar)    Class of 1997
    • Mandi Vanzura (Isom), Deaf Ed Teacher (L.P. Waters)    Class of 2017
    • Tonya Hill, Deaf Ed Interpretor    Class of 1984
    • Stacey Essix, Teacher (L.P. Waters)    Class of 1987
    • Jannet Acosta, Receptionist (Lamar)    Class of 2012
    • George Kroncke, CTE Teacher (GHS)    Class of 1986
    • Crystal Rios, 3rd Grade Teacher (Carver)
    • Alfreda Linson, Teacher (L.P. Waters)    Class of 1977
    • Kimetha Thompson Spoon, Teacher (Travis)    Class of 1979
    • Maria Mahand, Inclusion Paraprofessional    Class of 2009
    • Linda Collier, Secretary (GMS)    Class of 1988
    • Natalie Eve Molkentine, 2nd Grade Teacher (Bowie)    Class of 1997
    • Beatriz Delgado, Receptionist (Carver   Class of 1992
    • Marla Woods, Adapted PE/Assistive Tech Coordinator  Class of 1986
    • Makayla Jackson, FAC Aide (GMS)    Class of 2017
    • Sandra Kay Combs, ISS Teacher (GMS)    Class of 1984
    • Zachary Hamilton, 7th Grade Teacher/Coach    Class of 2017
    • Kerryn Pecina, 5th Grade Teacher (Travis)    Class of 2005
    • Heather Priest, Counselor (Crockett)    Class of 1998
    • Jimmy Enriquez, Student Engagement Officer    Class of 2018
    • Sarah Hood, Counselor (GHS)    Class of 1999
    • Genesis Lopez, Receptionist (GMS)    Class of 2011
    • Rachael Kilpatrick, SPED Teacher (Bowie)    Class of 2004
    • Tamiko Stewart, EMT Teacher (GHS)    Class of 1988
    • Emma Cook, Dean of Instruction    Class of 2004
    • Malia Bakkum, Deaf Ed Interpretor (Travis)    Class of 2005
    • Danny Black, Early College HS AVID    Class of 1997



    We asked our former graduates turned GISD staff: What do you enjoy most about being a part of the GISD staff and giving back to your school district? 

    Here's what some of them said:

    " I love being able to connect with my students in a way that isn't possible if you teach outside your home district. It means more that I have been in their shoes and can present them with the endless possibilities their future can hold even being from a small town like Greenville. Third graders have a lot of life to dream about so I share my personal highschool experiences and world travels. I also share what my fellow graduates have gone on to do such as work for NASA or take pictures for the former vice president of the United States. It's fun to share in their hopes for a brighter tomorrow and then be around long enough to begin seeing those futures as my third graders grow to be those high schoolers and graduates themselves. Nothing gives me more joy than watching graduation and saying that graduate was one of mine! "   

    Megan Dudark, Teacher (Lamar) Class of 2002


    " Some kids come to school loving to learn. Others aren’t so sure. I hope to inspire kids to love learning, and perhaps more importantly to believe that they can learn and do things. By giving kids opportunities and support and new experiences, I get to inspire them.   "   

    Kimetha Thompson Spoon, Counselor (GHS) —  Class of 1999


    " I find joy in coming full circle and giving back to our community by pouring into and caring for the students of GISD just as others here did for me as a student in GISD.  "   

    Sarah Hood, Counselor (GHS) — Class of 1999