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Art Around Town showcases 40 pieces of GISD student artwork displayed at area businesses

Art comes to life when it is shared. That’s what inspired Greenville ISD art teachers to partner with area businesses to put on Art Around Town, which features 40 pieces of student artwork on display at seven area businesses.

"I am super excited to see our student's artwork displayed around town. I believe that having art displayed at local business contributes to a sense of community pride," Sixth Grade Center art teacher Monika Crossley said.

Baylee Holloway - Art Around Town

"Art education is not something that should be limited to the classroom. The Art Around Town exhibit will create exciting conversations about the arts in our community," Greenville High School teacher Bill Shiflet said.

Greenville Middle School seventh-grader Baylee Holloway said she is honored to have her work on exhibit at ReMax 3D Real Estate.

“It’s really cool,” Baylee  said. “Art is absolutely my favorite class, and I look forward to it all day. It gives me the chance to express my thoughts and experiences.” 

Gail Sprinkle, the owner of Uptown Forum on Lee Street, says she’s thrilled to be a part of the project.

“Our Uptown Forum community is delighted to exhibit GISD student work. Studying art helps students improve their verbal, math and problem-solving skills, but most importantly, it allows them to express their creativity and humanity,” Sprinkle said. “Art not only beautifies our environment; it can inspire and challenge us. Uptown Forum regularly hosts artists of all kinds: photographers, painters, musicians, dancers, poets, writers, sculptors. At the Top Art Gallery, situated on the top floor of Uptown Forum, will soon offer art lessons to children and adults.”

Here are more details:

  • What: Art Around Town
  • When: March 23-April 23
  • Who: GISD student artists
  • Where: see map below

 GISD Art Around Town Map

Here is a list of student artists and the businesses where the pieces are on display:

Tarpley Realtors

  • Amanda Sanchez – 11th
  • Daniela Gerardo – 6th
  • Jaxon Vega – Lamar 3rd
  • Jenna Wade – 11th

East Texas Print Shop

  • Citlali Becerril Rosales – 6th
  • Imani Tednga – 12th
  • Jenna Wade – 11th
  • Avery Bagwell – Bowie 2nd
  • Anthony Sanchez – Lamar 4th
  • Paisley Crenshaw-Dockter – Lamar Kindergarten

Salazar Eye Care

  • Pyper Tyndel – Lamar 4th
  • Imani Tednga – 12th
  • Amanda Sanchez – 11th
  • Jenna Wade – 11th
  • Bailey Buchanan – Bowie 5th

ReMax 3D Real Estate

  • Katia Osornio – 6th
  • Imani Tednga – 12th
  • Jenna Wade – 11th
  • Bailey Holloway – 7th
  • Gabriela Mendoza – 6th
  • Gaby Arriaga – Lamar 5th

Robert Bledsoe Farmers Insurance

  • Imani Tednga – 12th
  • Nazly Martinez Aguirre – Carver 4th
  • Gabriela Mendoza – 6th
  • Brooklyn Martinez – 6th
  • Jenna Wade – 11th
  • Jacob Amaya – Carver 5th

Office Solutions

  • Issacc Linley – 8th
  • Jenna Wade – 11th
  • Rosalee Williams – Lamar 3rd
  • Katia Enriquez – 6th

Uptown Forum

  • Jenna Wade – 11th
  • Leah Reeves – 6th
  • Nadeline Arriaga – 6th
  • Imani Tednga – 12th
  • Aramis Mora – 12th
  • Olivia Bryant – 6th
  • Natalia Blackwell – 6th