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    2020-21 school reopening

    We are looking forward to the new school year. We are committed to giving our families the most choices possible so they can find the option that works best for them. 

    We are introducing a hybrid option for grades 3-12, thanks to newly announced, more flexible state guidelines. Please click on the grade level buttons below to learn more.

    Then please log into Skyward Parent Access to complete the brief online form. Since there are new choices available, we are asking all parents -- even those who have already completed online registration -- to fill out the choice field in Skyward.


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Reopening FAQ

  • What is the start date for 2020-21?

  • Are campus hours changing?

  • What precautions will be in place on campuses?

  • Will the ACE after-school program be continuing in 2020-21?

  • If I choose one option and want to change the choice later in the year, can I make a switch?

  • Will bus transportation be provided?

  • Can students who select virtual school still participate in athletics and extracurricular activities?

  • What precautions will be in place for athletics, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities?

  • What happens if a student or a teacher is displaying COVID-19 symptoms? What happens when someone on campus tests positive for COVID-19?

  • Are immunizations required for virtual school?

  • How will virtual school be different from at-home learning during the closure last spring?

  • Will technology devices be available to students who choose the virtual option?

  • How will virtual school be staffed?

  • What are the options for PreK-Grade 2?

TEA Public Health Guidance

  • To see the public health guidance from TEA click HERE

TEA Attendance & Enrollment Guidelines 2020-21

  • To see the attendance & enrollment recommendations from TEA click HERE

Preparing for Remote Instruction

  • To view the TEA guidelines & recommendations for remote learning click HERE.