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GMS “Gigabots”, 6th Grade Center “Cyborgs” named champions, GHS "Iron Cowboys" advance to Quarterfinals

The Greenville Middle School VEX Robotics Team, the Gigabots, and the Greenville Sixth Grade Center  VEX IQ Robotics Team,  the Cyborgs, and Greenville High School VEX Robotics Team, the Iron Cowboys, competed in three different tournaments this past Saturday. GMS and Sixth Grade Center teams came home as tournament champions and GHS advanced to the second round of the Quarterfinals.

 Greenville Middle School:

The Gigabots competed in the Rockwall VEX Skyrise Middle School Tournament in Heath, Tex. Nine teams entered with eight teams making it to the elimination rounds.
GMS Team 2148E, whose members are Dallas Davies, Nick Stromberg, Kian Smith, and Heavan Phillips, finished the Qualification Rounds in ninth place. They selected 3310D Mustang Robotics from Rockwall and 6014 Hillwood Robotics from Fort Worth to form the fifth seeded alliance. This alliance beat the first seeded alliance in the semifinals and the second seeded alliance in the finals to become Tournament Champions. 2148E also received the Think Award which is given to the team with an impressive and effective autonomous programming.  2148E has now qualified for the VEX State Tournament in Greenville on February 21st.

Team 2148A, comprised of Jordan Frimpter, Trenton Burns, Austin Burns, Tessa Mitchell, and Yoensoo Jung, finished the Qualification Rounds in third place. They joined with 3310B Roman Robotics from Rockwall and 2148F, made up of Romeo Gomez, Henri Haxiaj, Ethan Winters, and Rodey Wiggins, to form the second alliance. This alliance finished as Tournament Finalist after three matchs that were decided by a combined five points. They also were the Programing Skills Champions. They are currently ranked Seventeenth in the World for programing skills.

GMS Gigabots Coach Orion Casper said “The teams all did well yet again. I am very proud of 2148E and the way that they beat higher seeded alliances throughout the elimination rounds to win this tournament. Week to week I am seeing great drive from the students in the final results and, as a coach, I couldn’t ask for more.”

GMS Teams that made the elimination rounds were:

2148B - Alex Bahm, Alysia Matinez, Joshua Ross, and Francisa Gutierrez, were eliminated in the semi-finals.

2148C – Pierce Thurmond, Javier Littlefield, Ethan McGee, and Brett Ozarowski finished the qualification rounds in fifth place, forming the fourth seeded alliance, and were eliminated in the quarter finals.

2148G - Hannah Cowgill, Kamden Priest, Kylie Locke, Reese Tubbs, and Wyatt Spivey were eliminated in the semi-finals.

2148J – Alex Portillo, Brandon Leblanc, Nic Russell and Joshua Allen, were eliminated in the quarter finals.

2148D - Faith Clayton, Corbin Hudgins, Jacob Koger, and Brady Diggs, were eliminated in the quarter finals

 Greenville Sixth Grade Center:

The Cyborgs competed in the Vex IQ Robotics Competition at Shoemaker High School in Killeen, Tex. which they ultimately won.
 Team 3148C whose members are GianCarlos Belteton , Clayton Gibson, Johnathan Frimpter, Gerardo Olivas and Matthew McFarland  joined with Team 3148C whose members are  Josue Adame, Alexis Rosales, Thomas Mattson and McKenna Smith to become Tournament Champions. 

Team 3148A also won the STEM Research Award. These two teams have qualified for the  VEX IQ State Tournament in Greenville on February28th.

Team 3148B, whose team members are Jayce Dickeson, Aranth Ramirez, Jovani Rodriguez and Kevontrey Dayshawn Anderson-Ross, were Tournament Finalists and finished in second place.

Greenville High School: 

The Greenville High School Iron Cowboys competed at the McKinney High School VEX Tournament. Five of the six GHS teams competing made it to the quarter finals.

VEX Robotics Coach, Colin Nobles, said “This week the Iron Cowboys focused on building skyrises with 4148B and 4148A showing off some great new high speed designs”.


Team 4148B, consisting of Ryan Garland, Raymond McClure, Ryan Bakkum, Corey Hargraves, Xavier Dean and Nicolas Hazlett, and team 4148C, consisting of Bobby Osornio, Mason Smith, and Anthony Suggs, were picked in the first round by the 5th seeded team. In the end, they were knocked out after 2 rounds in the quarterfinals.

Team  4148A, consisting of Jacob Hunnicutt, Nathan Fort, Gavin Jordan, Aidan Smith  and Darren Thiessen, went on to form an alliance with team 4148F, consisting of Tyler Behrens, Noah Farkosh, Marco Alcaraz, Adriana Tucker, and Gavin Reyes, and  team 4148G consisting of Hannah Escobedo, Carlos Rodriguez, Jorge Ruiz, Carlos Riveroll, and  Zachery Freeman. However, they were knocked out after 2 rounds in the quarterfinals. 

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Left to Right - Heaven Phillips, Nick Stromberg, Dallas Davies, and Kian Smith




Top Left- Jayce Dickeson, Josue Adame.

Bottom- Clayton Gibson, Johnathan Frimpter, GianCarlos Belteton, Matthew McFarland, Thomas Mattson, Kevontrey Dayshawn Anderson-Ross, Gerardo Olivas.

Top Right- Aranth Ramirez, Alexis Rosales, Jovani Rodriguez