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Greenville ISD Police Department Resolution Approved

On July 19th at the regular board meeting of the Greenville ISD Board of Trustees, a resolution was unanimously passed to create a GISD Police Department. The approval of the resolution prompted the posting of the Director of School Security position on July 20th. The posting will remain active for twelve days and is posted on the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement, Region 8, and Region 10 websites.

The Director of School Security will be hired at a called board meeting on August 2nd to conduct a district safety needs assessment and to oversee the development of the Greenville ISD Police Department. After successful completion of these tasks and approval by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, it is the intent for the Director of School Security to become Greenville ISD Chief of Police and to hire two additional officers.

Greenville ISD will continue to follow advice from the district’s attorney, regulations of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and procedures of the Texas Education Agency to create the GISD Police Department. A Greenville ISD Police Department formation committee consisting of community members, parent representatives and a law enforcement representative has met once to review department plans and procedures. The formation committee will meet two additional times to further vet and polish details of the program.

Those with questions are encouraged to contact Kelli Tharp, Chief Communications and Business Development Officer, at 903.408.4483 or