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Real Talk about the power of advocacy

May 11, 2022

Ms. Boothe Real Talk Graphic

As we wrap up the school year, I find myself reflecting, and the first thing that comes to mind is how much I appreciate the resiliency demonstrated on many fronts in our community. 

You know I believe in real talk, and I don't mind expressing how disappointed I was by the outcome of the May 7 bond issue. Rather than focusing on the negative, I want to stop to thank the 1,073 voters who voted YES. 

  • YES to preparing for growth that will add to not only the tax base, but the success of local businesses and organizations 
  • YES to investing in the future of our young people 
  • YES to making Greenville an attractive location for future businesses and families 

There is no doubt that we will continue to uphold our belief that our students are always the focus of our work, and we will continue to pour our energy and effort into advocating for what is best for them. It is gratifying knowing that the GISD family goes far beyond the walls of our schools.

As a new day begins, I find myself reflecting on the many positive outcomes that resulted from the bond campaign. 

First is the perseverance, resilience and pride that the GISD team exhibited this year as we buckled down to tackle the considerable task of closing the learning gap that resulted from COVID's disruptions to teaching and learning. Your commitment to give your best, find the best in each child, and lift up your colleagues when their day was not their best has not gone unnoticed. 

Second, we are acutely aware that TEAM GISD is larger than the team within the walls of our GISD facilities. Those outside the day-to-day teaching and learning activities are not always noticed. Today, I think it's appropriate to recognize the passion and commitment as they independently and collectively directed their focus solely on GISD students and staff. 

A special thank you goes out to these advocates and community partners: 

  • The Community Advisory Committee, consisting of teachers, administrators, GISD employees, parents, business owners, pastors and citizens devoted countless evenings and hours to identifying immediate district needs and taking the recommendations to the GISD School Board to encourage a vote be brought to the voters to rebuild, refurbish or add to the facilities of GISD. 

  • Our architect (Corgan) and our financial advisor (Samco Capital) provided factual information about conditions of facilities, estimates for prioritized projects and financial models for projecting bond portfolios. 

  • The City of Greenville eliminated the coding restrictions regarding allowing animals within city limits, which paved the way for GISD to provide an agricultural instructional facility. This dream has been on our vision board for years because of the many opportunities it would provide for our students. 

  • The Greenville Board of Trustees exhibited its fearless leadership and voted 7-0 to take the $169.4 million bond to the voters of Greenville, continuing their mantra of doing what's best for teachers and students of GISD. 

  • The Political Action Committee (PAC) led by Sonya Cathey with the slogan, "YES for GISD Kids." She exhibited an unwavering desire to do what's right for Greenville students and staff, and she never missed a moment to share our stories of great students, dedicated teachers and that Greenville ISD has the best schools for families with school-age children.  

  • Kiwanis, CTE Advisory Committee, Hunt County Realtors, Lions Club, Hunt County Economic Development Alliance, Noon Rotary, Daybreak Rotary, Golden Kiwanis and Golden Lions for allowing me to share the facts of what this bond would bring to GISD students and staff. 

  • Friendlee News and GEUS for streaming our town hall sessions and helping us communicate the facts. 

  • The voters who took the time to voice their desire to make Greenville ISD better for our students and staff. We respect every vote, yes or no, and we will continue to work side-by-side with our community because we know this is what GISD students and staff deserve.

Partnerships making a difference is an UNDERSTATEMENT. We are victorious because we have advocates who are supporting our vision: "We educate today ... YOU succeed tomorrow."   

Let's stand GISDPROUD!  TOGETHER we can, and TOGETHER we will!