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Greenville Firefighters Association Local 997 give back


give back

When firefighter Tony Muñoz learned that Greenville ISD was raising funds to purchase clear backpacks for students in need, he said he knew he had to find a way to help. After proposing the idea of sponsoring backpacks to the Greenville Firefighters Association Local 997, his brothers in service wholeheartedly supported a $1,000 donation to benefit local students. 

In his 4 years of service as a Greenville firefighter, Tony says he encounters GISD students on many of the emergency calls he and his team respond to in our community. 

“We see these kids and families on our daily shift tours.” Tony said. “When I found out that there was a way we could help them out, something told me to make it happen!” 

Tony’s drive to serve our community doesn’t stop at fighting fires. He is also passionate about giving back to students who face financial uncertainty like he did when he was in school. 

“I was once one of the kids whose family depended on school programs like these for my school attire and supplies.” Tony recalled. “If we could be on the other side and help out, I was sure my brothers would support my idea to give back and they did!” 

Thank you, Greenville Firefighters Association Local 997, for donating $1,000 toward our goal of providing free clear backpacks to GISD students in need as well as the service you all provide to keep our community safe. 

More information about the GISD clear backpack policy can be found HERE.

If you would like to become a GISD Backpack Sponsor, please contact Whitney Threatt at or call 903-494-8922.