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GHS NJROTC completes Annual Military Inspection and Pass in Review

January 24, 2023

GHS NJROTC completes Annual Military Inspection and Pass in Review

Months of training and hard work paid off for members of the Greenville High School Naval Junior ROTC (NJROTC) as they successfully completed their mandatory Annual Military Inspection. 

The inspection is an annual requirement for all Junior ROTC commands and represents one of the most important benchmarks of the year. 

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The unit underwent its thirteenth annual military inspection, which included a full day’s worth of inspections, demonstrations, briefs and training evolutions. The final Pass in Review included demonstrations from the unit’s exhibition drill teams and the presentation of awards for cadets of the month, exceptional personal appearance and honor platoon.  

Exceptional appearance awards:

  • Naomi Fowler
  • Elizabeth Delacruz
  • Elijah Williams
  • Noah Castanon
  • Thomas Alexander
  • Aiden Attlee
  • Vance Jacks
  • Cameron Burgett
  • Eleanor Herrera
  • Jason Miller
  • Alyza Corkill
  • Thomas Arnold

Cadets of the Month:

  • September: Thomas Arnold
  • October: Yuleima Batres
  • November: Haston Jones

“I am very satisfied with the conduct of the cadets who participated in the inspection,” Senior Naval Science Instructor Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Larry Wilcock said. “The dedication to the unit and to their peers was evident for all to see.” 

“I’m especially grateful to our visiting guest inspector, Captain Larry Schneider, and all the parents and friends who attended the pass in review and who support their children and their school activities.” 

Separate from the ceremonial pass in review, cadets underwent personnel inspection and drill inspection. Cadet staff officers continued the day with inspection of all files, records, supply inventory, finances and property. All NJROTC staff officers also delivered a presentation briefing to retired U.S. Navy Captain Larry Schneider, the inspecting officer. 

The NJROTC Training Corps program at Greenville High School first began in 2009. The program’s curriculum emphasizes citizenship and leadership development, as well as maritime topics, the significance of sea power, the fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation and meteorology. Classroom instruction is augmented throughout the year by community service activities, drill competition, field meets, visits to military activities, marksmanship training and other military training. 

For more information about the district’s NJROTC Program, please contact LCDR Wilcock at (903) 453-3752.