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We're updating the bond Q&A, incorporating community feedback

August 22, 2022

There is growing interest in the bond issue which has been called for Nov. 8. 

The Nov. 2022 bond proposal is a pared-down version of the previous bond issue from May. The smaller bond significantly reduces the tax impact and the number of projects. Here is a side-by-side comparison: 

November2022Bond-Issue Comparison Graphic

We've shared bond information on social media, the website and email, and Facebook. There are currently 402 comments and questions on Facebook. Those questions are answered in the Q&A, and we are directing individuals to that resource as new topics arise. 

We have organized the Q&A by topic (Greenville Middle School, L.P. Waters, tax and voting information, etc.). 

Please take a moment to read the Q&A and to let us know if there are any topics that we need to add to the list. 

We are committed to providing factual information leading up to any election. Thank you for helping us achieve this goal. We hope this will give you a reliable resource to visit for factual information as you receive questions and comments from community members.