• There are three main committees who support and govern the Greenville Early College High School:

    The Leadership Team consists of the Deputy Superintendent, a representative from our industry/business partner, a representative from our institute of higher education, the Greenville High School Principal, the Early College High School Chancellor, a school counselor, and personnel from the Early College High School. The members of this team responible for the design, operations, governance, accountability, curriculum development, professional development, outreash, sustainability, and continuous monitoring and inprovement of the ECHS.  The team shares responsibility for meeting annual outcome-based measures and providing annual reports to their respective boards and to the public. The team is responible for progress monitoring and data review to ensure that the program is on track to meet outcome-based measures and to make mid-course corrections as needed. 

    The Advisory Board consists of representatives from a variety of stakeholders: a school board member, a community member, economic development partners, industry representatives, and an insitute of higher education representative. The board's role is to provide support and guidance to the program in resoiurce acquisition, curriculum development, work-based learning and student/community oiutreach to ensure a successful academic and career pipeline.